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About JAZ Global


To give our customers the presence of a U.S. based project management team with off-shore pricing. Most importantly, quality parts to fulfill their needs.


Keeping our customer information confidential is always our first priority. Our personnel are trained to handle customer information with the highest precaution.

Core Values

We are not just another company who could afford to buy expensive equipment to produce parts. We were engineers who designed consumer electronics and avionics products from concept to mass production. We were process engineers who resolved the most urgent issues on the production floor. We were in the same shoes as our customers and therefore, we know how to do it right.

Strategic Partners

Image Model Co., LTD

We make product development simple.


CNC Machining

When experienced machinists meet state-of-the-art CNC software and equipment, JAZ Global can deliver functional parts with a wide variety of plastic and metal material options and finishes to your hand in the matter of days, not weeks.

3D Printing

3D Printing is an additive process, where successive layers of material are laid down in different shapes. The way layers are deposited to create parts is the differentiator between the various technologies available. PolyJet, FDM, SLA, SLS, and Color Jet Printing just to name a few. The layer deposit process would help determine the materials that can be used. There is not an absolute answer to which technology is the best because they all have different advantages based on the application. Contact us today to find out the best 3D printing solution for you! We can finish your 3D printed part with a production class finish.

Cast Urethane

A low volume production method that produces production-like parts using polyurethane plastic materials for prototyping purposes. An ideal process for applications where less than 100 pieces are required. Over molding or insert molding prototypes are possible with this process.

Injection Molding

From prototype to production, JAZ Global has our customers all covered. We bridge the product development gap from low to medium volume needs. Please submit your request today to find the best solution to suit your volume and lead time requirements.


JAZ Global positions ourselves to be your one stop shop. We offer anodizing, physical vapor deposition (PVD), plating, rubberized soft touch, printing, etc. You won't need to spend your time dealing with secondary operation vendors any more. Please contact us for all the available finishes and sample plaques.

Mechanical Design & Analysis

We not only manufacture parts but could also be part of your product design team. Our product development team consists of experienced mechanical design engineers, manufacturing engineers, structural analysts, and thermal analysts. Discuss your design requirements with us today and we will do our best to fulfill your needs.


Concept Evaluation

Holding a real prototype part in hand could tell you a lot more than an elegant CAD rendering on your computer screen. Concept models help to speed up your design cycle by letting you verify your design in the most intuitive ways.

Engineering Evaluation

Design engineers work hard to perfect the CAD model and analysts perform accurate analyses to ensure the design meets most test requirements. This is probably as far as your CAD/CAE software can take you. If you are serious to proceed with a design, you may want to build your engineering models now and use materials as close to the production as possible. Engineering models give you a great opportunity to improve DFM (Design for Manufacturability), DFA (Design for Assembly) and allows you to perform real tests to collect test results to correlate with your analysis for future improvements.

Marketing Model

Whether you want to test the market to obtain real world feedback or you are looking for angel investors to help bring your product to market. It is crucial that your model replicate your product as if it was in production. A good marketing prototype would significantly increase your chance of success.

Short-run production

Sometimes your schedule does not allow a mass production tool to be built. Sometimes you do not have the volume to justify the investment of a mass production tool. Short-run production fills this niche by providing our customers an option to ship their products earlier at a lower overall cost.

Jigs & Fixtures

High accuracy jigs and fixtures play critical roles for testers, machinists, assemblers etc. Adequate jigs and fixtures ensure they can perform their job correctly and efficiently.

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If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please use the form below.

Address: 660 N. Diamond Bar Blvd., Ste. 238, Diamond Bar, CA 91765 Phone: +1-909-203-7923